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It isn't our Presidents obligation to protect every citizen of the world.... To sacrafice a lot of our young people to defend countries that constantly bash the US and people fight each other. Obama has 1 true obligation. To protect the United States. Anything else that he does is helping because he WANTS to. And he sacrifices our hard earned tax dollars to become "protectors of the world". It's almost as if people just expect America to help out and if the US doesn't it is "so horrible".


Obama sends 8.5 million of your hard-earned dollars in military aid to Israel every day while there are Americans on the streets and others dying of hunger or because they’re not able to pay their medical bills. That’s $3.1 billion dollars to Israel per year.

How does your president make you feel knowing that he considers supporting Zionist war crimes more important than your well-being and the well-being of your fellow Americans?

What’s more important, supporting an army that targets and kills kids playing soccer on the beach, or feeding the hungry in America? How do you feel about Israelis cheering on the massacre of innocent people? This is what your tax dollars are supporting.

It’s funny, the best way for him to protect the innocent people of Palestine is actually to spend less of your hard-earned money. We want him to stop funding terrorism. That’s his moral obligation.

Furthermore, 12 times more Palestinian children have been killed as compared to Israelis since 2000, yet he only shows outrage when there are Israeli casualties. It’s asking the bare minimum to some neutrality or even pretend.



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